UC Health Zoom
For UC San Diego Health and UC Irvine Health Members

UC Health Zoom is a HIPAA Compliant video, web conferencing, and teleconferencing tool, now available to UC San Diego Health and UC Irvine Health faculty, staff, and affiliates. Zoom allows for video, audio, and screen sharing between participants. It can be used from any computer, laptop, tablet, or phone, and it works on PCs, MACs, Androids and iOS devices. Zoom can also bridge systems manufactured by Polycom, Cisco, and LifSize using SIP/H.323 technologies. Zoom also integrates with Microsoft Outlook and meetings can be directly scheduled through it's award winning Calendaring tool.

Anyone in the World can join a Zoom meeting, but only a host can start/schedule meetings. Executive assistants can be granted "privileged schedulers" for their leadership and schedule meetings on their behalf.

Getting Started

1. Download Zoom client for your computer or mobile device. Including the Microsoft Outlook connector

2. Click Sign In to create your UC Health Zoom Basic account using Single Sign-On (SSO) if you plan to host meetings only up to 40 minutes long.

3. If you need to host meetings longer than 40 minutes, first create your Basic account, then submit a request for a Zoom PRO account.

4. Use the app or webpage to start, join, or schedule meetings.

Questions? Email us - zoomhealth@ucsd.edu.